Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Picture Frames for Rent


I was in a major department store today and overheard an Sales Associate helping an elderly woman with high end picture frames that were tapping the hundred dollar mark.  She proceeded to take one out of a box, tearing the tissue paper off as she started to critique the imperfections.  "The gold looks discolored."  The very nice Sales Associate asked if she would like to look at another frame while questioning if this was a gift.  The elderly woman responded that it wasn't a gift and asking about the return policy.

"The reason I'm asking."  The woman continued, "My Brother-In-Law just died and I want to put his picture in this frame during his viewing and the funeral services.  I will be returning it by the end of the week."

I commend the elderly lady for her honesty and certainly the Sales Associate for not bursting out laughing!  Because I had to walk away for I was uncontrollably laughing!

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