Thursday, November 17, 2016

Where My Journey Lies

I lay down on my back abed a soft cushion of dried leaves intaking Mother Nature beauty.  The soft breeze caresses my chilled face as the long Pine Needles gently fall upon my brow.  The clear blue sky welcomes a passing cloud giving the tall trees the illusion as if they were tip toeing away.  A moment of silence and solitude is interrupted by the screech of a Red-Tailed Hawk who soars like a fighter jet through the trees...  And in an instant it's gone.

It's these serene and tranquil moments when I ponder where I have been in life and where I will go.  Then I come to the realization that I haven't been anywhere and have yet to leave my mark here on Earth.  My mission and purpose here, I most likely will never know.  One thing I do know, it has yet to be completed as I will be hanging out here for just a little while longer until I know where my journey lies.

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