Saturday, March 24, 2018

James A. Bradley

James A. Bradley
(February 14, 1840 ~ June 6, 1921)

His commemorative statue still remains standing tall since shortly after his death.  James A. Bradley was a New Jersey Senate, Philanthropist and a Real Estate Developer which he is most known for the development of Bradley Beach, New Jersey which bears his name.

Lest we forget that Bradley had a huge role in the development of Asbury Park, New Jersey's infrastructure.  He brought in Electric and a boardwalk that inspired many businessmen to build grand hotels making this a resort destination.  Soon after the Palace Merry-Go-Round and Amusements too flight drawing in more tourists.

Bradley was known for setting aside park lands and waterfront areas as well as donating land to religious and civic groups and a public library.  He is also responsible for what was the largest in it's day and still remains, the one mile long boardwalk.

Today his statue still remains in the center of a large manicured grassy lawn in front of the Paramount Theater and Convention Hall as tribute of what he has accomplished.  Last year in 2017, there was large debate to remove the statue due to Bradley's long running history of racism.  The Asbury Park Historical Society opposed and declined to remove it for he should remain acknowledged for his major accomplishments in Asbury Park.

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