Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Equinox

Today marks the day, the 2018 Spring Equinox when Spring has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere.  The only day when you can balance an egg on end during the perfect moment which has proven to be all a myth.  You can balance an egg on it's end any time of year if you have the will and patience to do so.

Others may run for the hills and gather around Chichén Itzå in Central Mexico to watch the amazingly beautiful sunset.  At which time one may witness a very eerie but spectacular shadow of a Serpent casting upon the pyramid.  That I'd like to see!

With all those fun facts said, this year I'm sad to present the raw truth.  Though officially Spring might have arrived, it still is cold with a winter weather storm system expected to hover over the Middle Atlantic and Northeast tonight into Wednesday that allegedly will dump several inches of snow upon us.

We have had lots of snow this winter and most are fed up.  However, this is Mother Nature and as have expressed in the past, she waits on and listens to no one.  Mother Earth will do whatever the hell she wants and it's beyond your control to do anything about it.  So my advice to you is to stop your whining and whimpering and pull yourself together.  I think you'll be just fine staying indoors for twenty four hours or so with plenty of supplies and provisions that you've collected through the past that will last you longer than you've ever dreamed of.   It's going to snow, so deal and make some French Toast!

Happy Spring Everyone!

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