Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The Paranormal Double of a Living Person
I never see my Doppelgänger, however others claim they do.

A few years ago I was on a ship during a family reunion.  People kept running into me saying:  "Everywhere we go, you seem to be there!"  I know I'm a fast mover and quick on my heels, but didn't think I was that mobile.

On the second day, my own Mother and Father saw who they thought was me as they tried to capture my attention by waving and screaming.  But it wasn't me they saw.

One the third morning people were coming up to me congratulating me on a stellar performance I had done on stage the night prior.  I was watching the show they referred to on Hypnotism from the audience.  It wasn't me on stage.

On the fourth evening my Wife saw me on the ship's Closed Circuit Television in the background of a life broadcast.  I was in the cabin with my Wife watching the same broadcast.  Again, it was not I she saw.

Who was this Paranormal phenomenon, this apparition if you will who everyone thought was me?  Is there really such a thing as Doppelgänger portraying my evil twin?  Or possibly a triplet?!

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