Saturday, July 2, 2016

Phantom Truck of Clinton Road

Rated by many the top five most Creepiest and Haunted roads in World.

If you're driving late at Night
And you see a truck that's Black
You better start Speeding
And never look Back

Clinton Road has a long history of lore, legends, hauntings and death.  A list far greater than on can imagine.  The road stretches ten miles through winding curves and dense forest with just a few side streets at the beginning and end.  There is nowhere to turn off between.  Thus, nowhere to run.

One of the most known legends is the Phantom Truck, a black pickup that comes out of nowhere and tailgates you, trying to run you off the road.  If you accelerate, the pick up is quick on your heels and moves even closer scaring the wits out of you as it's bright high beams blind you through your rear view mirror.  The chase can last several minutes as you're convinced that someone is truly trying to run you off the road,  Then, in a blink of an eye, the Black Phantom pickup is gone.

Some say the legend comes from the ghost of an old angry man who when was alive valued his privacy not wanting anyone to disturb him.  He didn't want anyone on or near his property and would chase anyone away when they did.  He died of a massive Heart Attack and legend has it today that his ghost still lingers the area chasing anyone who comes near where he lived.  Some claim as when he's chasing you in his black pick up, gun shots are fired.  The story varies through the generations and location.

So if you're in northern New Jersey and happen to be on Clinton Road sometime during the darkest part of night, you better keep an eye on what comes up behind you...  It might just be the Phantom Truck!

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