Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pact with the Devil

Be careful what you wish for and who you ask

Making a deal with the Devil is something to recon with and with an ante so high it will cost you your Soul.  What possess one to make a pact with the Devil?  Usually for self gain and worth filled by greed in the most dishonest way.

Take a chance as so many others did with Satan and see how your odds turn up. Many have made a pact with the Devil only to have their Soul taken for all eternity. Just a few names of note who...  Well, allegedly sold their Soul to the Devil. 

  • St. Theophilus of Adana for rectifying a declining Social and Political Advancement in exchange for the cleric renounce of Christ and the Virgin Mary in a contract spelled out in his own blood.
  • Robert Johnson gained Music prowess on the Crossroads at Midnight from the Devil. In return, Mr. Johnson died at an early age of 27 to pay the Devil his dues...  His Soul.
  • Nicolò Paganini for musical greatness with the Violin in exchange for his Soul and the denial of a proper burial upon his death
  • Giuseppe Tartini as well made a pact with the Devil for musical greatness with the violin.  Dueling Violins with the tune "Devil's Trill Sonata," that Giuseppe desperately tried to play to no avail.  It was the last song he listened to on his death bed as his Soul was being swept away by the Devil
  • Urbain Grandier for the Love of Women, the Flower of Virgins, the Respect of Monarchs, Honors, Lusts and Powers all in exchange for the Priest's Allegiance.
  • Brigadier General Jonathan Moulton for striking a financial deal with the Devil in exchange for eternal devotion and retention of his Soul.
  • Antoine Rose known as the Witch of Savoy, France, claimed that she had been destitute and in dire need of money only to be influenced to ask the Devil for help.

Test your luck with the Devil and let me know how it turns out!

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