Friday, July 29, 2016

Timber Rattlers

It's Mating Season

Well, for the Timber Rattlers anyway!  There's only two poisonous Snakes in New Jersey and I got em both.  The Copperhead and the Timber Rattler.  This beautiful Rattler was enjoying the heat from the rock that was basking in the Sun all day.

Right now in New Jersey these docile Creatures are on the move for some Summer Romance.  Don't let these shy Reptiles fool you.  When handled or feeling threatened, they can lunge out quite a distance at you and bite with a punch that can lay you out for several days.

If in the event this does happen, remain calm and call 911.  Do not drive yourself to the Emergency Room.  Keep the bit clean with antibacterial soap and water and keep the area of the bite immobile and lower than your heart.  Do not suck the venom out, cut around the wound or cover with ice.  Only apply a tourniquet if it will take longer than thirty minutes for Medics to reach you.

Timber Rattlers are endangered and part of New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection program.  It is illegal to kill, handle or harass these quiet beautiful Reptiles.  Like much of the wild wherever you live, simply be aware and respect it!

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