Monday, July 18, 2016

Siamese Cats

The Attributes of an Ape
The Bravery of a Lion

An unlikely tale of an Ape and a Lion mating to produce the first Cat.  A visual that leaves much to the imagination and can make someone shudder of the mere thought.

The Siamese Cat originated in Thailand, formerly known as Siam.  Held in such high esteem in their native country that no one except the King himself and Members of the royal family were permitted to own them.   They were originally known as Royal Points.

Guardians of the Temples...  When a person of high rank passes on, it was known to select a Siamese Cat to take on the Soul of the deceased.  Removed from the royal family and sent to the Temple to spend the rest of its days living a ceremonial life of blissful luxury as the Monks and Priests would now become the Cat's Servants.  They were in such high regard, that the Siamese Cats were treated better than Royalty.

Now being in the Temple receiving good Fortune and Blessings, they developed special powers hat could intercede for the Soul of the deceased bringing Harmony to the Temple and to those who visit.  "We are Siamese if you please" and not considered; Mean, Sneaky, Stand Offish, Snobbish, Un-Loyal nor Prone to Ill Health.

Siamese Cats are Family and will stand by you!

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